Release notes - Zowe Active Development

Welcome to Zowe Active Development documentation.

What is Active Development?

  • Active Development is a forward-version that includes features not yet included in the Zowe Stable version.
  • You can switch between Stable and Active Development documentation using the Versions drop-down in the navigation bar. The Release notes, installation processes, and development tutorials are different in each version.
  • The version is equivalent to the @latest version of Zowe CLI.
  • When migrating from one CLI version to another, you might need to edit user your profiles and reinstall plug-ins due to differences between versions.

Version highlights

New compatible plug-ins:

In addition to the CICS and Db2 Zowe CLI plug-ins, the following plug-ins are available for Active Development:

Features and enhancements:

  • Zowe CLI now exploits Node.js stream APIs for download and upload of spool files, data sets, and USS files. (#331)
  • The following new commands were added for interacting with file systems:
    • zowe zos-files list fs #429
    • zowe zos-files mount fs #431
    • zowe zos-files unmount fs #432
  • The following new commands were added for creating USS files and directories
    • zowe zos-files create file #368
    • zowe zos-files create dir #368

Installing or Updating

First-time install

If you do not have Zowe CLI installed on your computer, refer to Installing Zowe CLI to install this version of CLI and plug-ins.

Updating from @lts-incremental

Follow these steps to convert an lts-incremental (Stable) CLI version to a latest (Active Development) version:

  1. (Optional) To preserve plug-in user profiles that you created (for example, cics, db2, etc..), copy the contents of C:\Users\<username>\.zowe\profiles to another directory on your computer using OS commands or file explorer.

  2. Uninstall plug-ins, if any. For more information, see Uninstall plug-ins.

  3. Use one of the following methods to update to the @latest version of CLI and plug-ins.

  4. (Optional) To reestablish your user profiles (if any), move the files that you saved in Step 1 back into your C:\Users\\<username\>\\.zowe\profiles folder.

You updated to @latest Zowe CLI! We recommend that you issue familiar commands and run scripts to ensure that your profiles/scripts are compatible. If the migration affected your profiles or scripts, review the Breaking Changes and take corrective action.

Migrating back to Stable CLI

Follow a similar procedure as above to migrate from latest (Active Development) back to lts-incremental (Stable): Copy your plug-in profiles, uninstall plug-ins, then follow the Stable CLI installation instructions to update CLI and plug-ins.

After migrating, always verify that your scripts and profiles are still functional.

Breaking changes

If your commands or scripts return warnings/errors after updating, account for the following breaking changes that occured during major version bumps:

  • The zowe zos-files download ds and zowe zos-files download uf commands no longer put the full content in the response format json output. More information.

  • The --pass option is changed to --password for all commands and profiles. The aliases --pw and --pass still function. To update a profile, issue the zowe zosmf create profile command and use the new option name --password.

  • You can enter a value of PROMPT* to enable interactive prompting for any command-line option. If you created scripts where any option was defined with the actual value PROMPT*, the script will not function properly in this version.

  • The @next npm tag, previously used to install the Active Development version, is deprecated . @latest is the correct syntax to install this version.

Understanding CLI version tags

Zowe CLI is associated with version tags in a Node Package Manager (npm) registry. The packages that you install are associated with a specific tag or version stream. You use tags in command syntax to install or update the product to a specific version.

  • npm install -g @brightside/core@lts-incremental

    Installs the @lts-incremental (Stable) version of the product. Provides new features, enhancements, and bug fixes, but does not introduce breaking changes.

  • npm install -g @zowe/cli@latest

    The @latest (Active Development) version of the product. Introduces new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and major breaking changes. If you use this version, you might have to take corrective action when breaking changes are introduced.

Learn more about the Zowe CLI versioning scheme here.

Learn more about symantic versioning here.