# Information roadmap for Zowe Client SDKs

This roadmap outlines information resources that are applicable to the various user roles who are interested in Zowe Client Software Development Kits (SDKs) which is a Zowe component still under development. These resources provide information about various subject areas, such as learning basic skills, installation, developing, and troubleshooting for Zowe Client SDKs.

The following definition of skill levels about Zowe will help you gather most relevant resources for you.

  • Beginner: You're starting out and want to learn the fundamentals.
  • Intermediate: You have some experience but want to learn more in-depth skills.
  • Advanced: You have lots of experience and are looking to learn about specialized topics.

# Fundamentals

Zowe skill level: Beginner

# Installing

Zowe skill level: Beginner

  • System requirements

    Review this topic to ensure that your system meets the requirements for installing Zowe Client SDKs.

  • Installing Zowe SDK

    Follow the steps to install Zowe SDKs. You can pull the packages from an online registry, or download the packages from Zowe.org to install locally.

# Using Zowe Client SDKs

Zowe skill level: Intermediate

# Zowe Node.js SDK

# Zowe Python SDK

# Contributing to Zowe Client SDKs

Zowe skill level: Advanced

# Troubleshooting and support

# Community resources