# Getting started with Zowe

If you just started exploring Zowe, follow the path in this topic.

# Learning about Zowe

Learn what is Zowe, how Zowe works and what it can do for you.

  • Introduction video (opens new window)

    Begin your journey with Zowe through this introductory video which is designed to give you an overview of Zowe's various components and features and get you familiar with them quickly.

  • Zowe overview

    Refer to the overview topics to walk through basic concepts of Zowe, its components and benefits.

  • Zowe architecture

    Review the Zowe architecture to understand how Zowe works.

  • Zowe FAQs

    If you have a question, it's a good idea to try the FAQ, which answers the most commonly asked questions about Zowe.

  • Release notes

    Check out what's new with Zowe.

  • Zowe learning resources

    Find a list of helpful Zowe resources on the web, including blogs, videos, webinars, courses, trials, and so on.

# Install and use

Now you know that Zowe consists of several components. You can determine which Zowe components to install and use. Follow the component-specific information roadmaps to install, use, and troubleshoot Zowe components. You can also get information about how to contribute to each specific component.

Components to install and use Information roadmaps
Zowe Application Framework, Zowe API Mediation Layer (these are installed as z/OS server components) Information roadmap for Zowe Application Framework, Information roadmap for Zowe API Mediation Layer
Zowe CLI Information roadmap for Zowe Explorer
Zowe SDKs (under development) Information roadmap for Zowe client SDKs
Zowe Mobile (Incubator) Information roadmap for Zowe Mobile

# Getting involved

There are many ways to contribute to Zowe, and we welcome contributions! Read the contributor’s guide to get started on the code and guidelines.