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Version: v2.8.x LTS

Troubleshooting Zowe CLI plug-ins

Troubleshooting Zowe CLI plug-ins

When there is a problem

If a plug-in for Zowe CLI is experiencing a problem, there are steps you can take to find a potential solution.

Error codes

For help with error codes from a back-end vendor, refer to the vendor’s help documentation.

IBM Db2 Database Plug-in fails to install on Windows with Node 18.16.0


IBM Db2 Database Plug-in for Zowe CLI fails to install in environments running with Node 18.16.0.

After Db2 is installed and validation is complete, Zowe CLI returns the following error:

$ zowe plugins install db2-for-zowe-cli.tgz
Plug-ins within the Imperative CLI Framework can legitimately gain
control of the zowe CLI application during the execution of every command.
Install 3rd party plug-ins at your own risk.

Registry =

Installed plugin name = '@zowe/db2-for-zowe-cli'

_____ Validation results for plugin '@zowe/db2-for-zowe-cli' _____

*** CmdError: Failed to combine command definitions. Reason = Encountered an error loading one of the files (cli/call/Call.definition.js) that matched the provided command module glob for the glob function glob (pattern, options, cb) {
if (typeof options === 'function') cb = options, options = {}
if (!options) options = {}

if (options.sync) {
if (cb)
throw new TypeError('callback provided to sync glob')
return globSync(pattern, options)

return new Glob(pattern, options, cb)
}: \\?\C:\Users\runneradmin\.zowe\plugins\installed\node_modules\@zowe\db2-for-zowe-cli\node_modules\ibm_db\build\Release\odbc_bindings.node is not a valid Win32 application.

This plugin has command errors. No plugin commands will be available.

When Db2 plug-in commands are run subsequently, an error displays that includes following message:

Command Error:
Command failed due to improper syntax


  1. Uninstall Node.js 18.16.x.
  2. Install Node.js 18.15.x.
  3. Re-install IBM Db2 Database Plug-in for Zowe CLI.

Reaching out for support

  1. Is there already a GitHub issue (open or closed) that covers the problem? Check the following repositories:

    If there is no issue on the problem, file an issue in the repository for the respective plug-in so the dev team can review it.

  2. Try searching for the issue using the Zowe Docs Search bar.

  3. Use the Zowe CLI Slack channel to reach the Zowe CLI community for assistance.