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Version: v2.4.x LTS

Troubleshooting Zowe Chat

Troubleshooting Zowe Chat

As a Zowe Chat user, you might encounter some issues with how Zowe Chat works. This section lists some solutions to help you.

Check the chatServer.log#

When you run into some errors, you can check the server log which can be found in $ZOWE_CHAT_HOME/log/chatServer.log.

Note: You need to set rejectUnauthorized to false in chatServer.yaml to access the log.

Raising a Zowe Chat issue on GitHub#

When necessary, you can reach out for troubleshooting support via GitHub. You can raise GitHub issues against the Zowe Chat repository. You could either use it for a bug report or feature request.

Contacting support via Slack#

You can also reach out for support through the Zowe Chat Slack channel.