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Class PluginRequireProvider

This class will allow imperative to intercept calls by plugins so that it can provide them with the runtime instance of imperative / base cli when necessary.


Currently this loader is only available from Imperative's internals but work could be done to make this a true standalone package that either Imperative depends on or ships as a separate folder under packages.

Proper Use of the Module Loader // Ideally this is the first thing that gets called by your application; however, // the module loader can be created and destroyed at any point by your application.

// Initializing the loader PluginRequireProvider.createPluginHooks(["module-a", "module-b"]);

// Now in all places of the application, module-a and module-b will be loaded // from the package location of process.mainModule (I.E the Host Package). This // is useful when the Host Package has some sort of plugin infrastructure that // might require modules to be injected to the plugins.

// So this will always be the Host Package module regardless of where it was // called from. require("module-a");

// But this will act as normal require("module-c");

// It is not necessary to cleanup the module loader before exiting. Your // application lifecycle may require it to be brought up and down during the // course of execution. With this in mind, a method has been provided to remove // the hooks created by createPluginHooks.

// Calling this PluginRequirePriovider.destroyPluginHooks();

// Will now cause this to act as normal regardless of how it would have been // injected before. require("module-b");


  • PluginRequireProvider



Private constructor


Private Readonly modules

modules: string[]

The modules that should be injected from the runtime instance

Private origRequire

origRequire: typeof require

Reference to the original require function.

Private Readonly regex

regex: RegExp

Reference to the regular expression used to match modules.

This property was added to make testing easier.

Static Private mInstance

Reference to the static singleton instance.


Static createPluginHooks

  • createPluginHooks(modules: string[]): void

Static destroyPluginHooks

  • destroyPluginHooks(): void

Static Private sanitizeExpression

  • sanitizeExpression(module: string): any

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