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Interface IConfigAutoStoreStoreSessCfgPropsOpts

Defines the options used by the ConfigAutoStore._storeSessCfgProps function




Optional cmdArguments

cmdArguments: ICommandArguments

CLI arguments which may specify a profile

Optional config

config: Config

Team configuration properties Overrides ImperativeConfig.instance.config

Optional defaultBaseProfileName

defaultBaseProfileName: string

Default base profile name Used if cmdArguments == null

Optional defaultProfileName

defaultProfileName: string

Default profile name used if no profiles matched the search for active profiles Used if params == null

Optional params

CLI Handler Parameters to use when searching for the active profile

Optional profileName

profileName: string

Name of the profile where we want to store the properties Used if params == null

Optional profilePath

profilePath: string

JSON path of profile

Optional profileProps

profileProps: string[]

List of properties required in the profile schema

Optional profileType

profileType: string

Type of the profile where we want to store the properties Used if params == null

Optional profileTypes

profileTypes: string[]

Optional profile types to look for Used if params == null

Optional propsToStore

propsToStore: string[]

Names of properties that should be stored

Optional sessCfg

sessCfg: {}

Session config containing properties to store

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: any

Optional setSecure

setSecure: boolean

Indicates whether or not the property should be stored securely

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