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This interface defines options for downloading multiple data sets or USS files


  • {}
    • IDownloadOptions



Optional attributes

attributes: ZosFilesAttributes

The path to a .zosattributes file used to control file conversion and tagging.

Optional excludePatterns

excludePatterns: string[]

Exclude data sets that match these DSLEVEL patterns. Any data sets that match this pattern will not be downloaded


"ibmuser.*.jcl, ibmuser.rexa."


Use the List.dataSetsMatchingPattern API to match data sets and exclude patterns

Optional extensionMap

extensionMap: {}

Map data set names that match your pattern to the desired extension



Type declaration

  • [key: string]: string

Optional failFast

failFast: boolean

Indicates if a download operation for multiple files/data sets should fail as soon as the first failure happens. If set to true, the first failure will throw an error and abort the download operation. If set to false, individual download failures will be reported after all other downloads have completed. The default value is true for backward compatibility.

Optional includeHidden

includeHidden: boolean

Specifies whether hidden files whose names begin with a dot should be downloaded.

Optional maxConcurrentRequests

maxConcurrentRequests: number

The maximum REST requests to perform at once Increasing this value results in faster downloads but increases resource consumption on z/OS and risks encountering an error caused by making too many requests at once. Default: 1

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