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This interface defines the information that is stored in the download data set API return object




Optional blksz

blksz: string

The block size of the dataset

Optional catnm

catnm: string

The catalog in which the dataset entry is stored

Optional cdate

cdate: string

The dataset creation date

Optional dev

dev: string

The type of the device the dataset is stored on


dsname: string

The name of the dataset

Optional dsntp

dsntp: string

The type of the dataset

Optional dsorg

dsorg: string

The organization of the data set as physical sequential (PS), partitioned (PO), or direct (DA)

Optional edate

edate: string

The dataset expiration date

Optional extx

extx: string

The number of extensions the dataset has

Optional lrecl

lrecl: string

The length, in bytes, of each record in the data set

Optional migr

migr: string

Indicates if automatic migration to a lower level of storage is active for this dataset

Optional mvol

mvol: string

Indicates if the dataset is multivolume

Optional ovf

ovf: string

Open virtualization format

Optional rdate

rdate: string

The date of the last time the dataset was referred to

Optional recfm

recfm: string

The record format of the dataset

Optional responseTimeout

responseTimeout: number

The maximum amount of time for the TSO servlet to wait for a response before returning an error

Optional sizex

sizex: string

The size of the first extent in tracks

Optional spacu

spacu: string

The type of space units measurement

Optional used

used: string

The percentage of used space in the dataset


vol: string

The volume name on which the dataset is stored

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