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Version: v2.16.x LTS

Zowe announcements

Zowe announcements

New delivery date for Zowe Version 3.0

The Zowe V3 release NEW delivery date is September 30, 2024. New Zowe V3 Office Hours coming in September.

For updates, see vNext in For information about changes to Zowe components to be introduced in Zowe v3, see Breaking changes and Important Updates in Zowe v3.

Zowe Version 3.0 technical preview

Zowe publishes technical preview builds for Version 3 for all components involved.

The latest versions are downloadable from the Zowe JFrog Artifactory directory. The directory contains PAX and SMP/E packages. The server-side includes the API Mediation Layer, Virtual Desktop, ZSS, and ZIS. The build is released nightly.

Client-side components are also available. Zowe CLI is available from NPM. The version starts with 8.0.0-next. Explorer for VS Code is available from GitHub releases. Explorer for Intellij is available from the Intellij Marketplace

Future Zowe Version 2.0 releases

Three releases have been added to the Zowe V2 release schedule:

  • Zowe v2.16 in May
  • Zowe v2.17 in July
  • Zowe v2.18 in August

Archiving Zowe Version 1.0

Zowe V1 is scheduled to end support on September 30, 2024. Consumers should plan to upgrade in the first or second quarter of the 2024 calendar year. More information to follow.