Release notes

Last Updated: 4/5/2019, 1:57:22 PM

Release notes

Learn about what is new, changed, removed, and known issues in Zowe.

Zowe Version 1.1.0 and later releases include the following enhancements, release by release.

Version 1.1.0 (April 2019)

Version 1.1.0 contains the following changes since the last 1.0.x version.

What's new in Zowe system requirements

z/OSMF Lite is now available for non-production use such as development, proof-of-concept, demo and so on. It simplifies the setup of z/OSMF with only a minimal amount of z/OS customization, but provides key functions that are required. For more information, see Configuring z/OSMF Lite (for non-production use).

What's new in the Zowe App Server

  • Made the following user experience improvements:
    • Enabled the Desktop to react to session expiration information from the Zowe Application Server. If a user is active the Desktop renews their session before it expires. If a user appears inactive they are prompted and can click to renew the session. If they don't click, they are logged out with a session expired message.
    • Added the ability to programmatically dismiss popups created with the "zlux-widgets" popup manager.
  • Made the following security improvements:
    • Encoded URIs shown in the App Server 404 handler, which prevents some browsers from loading malicious scripts.
    • Documented and support configuring HTTPS on ZSS.
    • For ZSS API callers, added HTTP response headers to instruct clients not to cache HTTPS responses from potentially sensitive APIs.
  • Improved the Zowe Editor App by adding app2app communication support that allows the application to open requested directories, dataset listings, and files.
  • Improved the Zowe App API by allowing subscription to close events on viewports instead of windows, which allows applications to better support Single App Mode.
  • Fixed a bug that generated an extraneous RACF audit message when you started ZSS.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes move application windows when you attempted to resized them.
  • Fixed a bug in the "Getting started with the ZOWE WebUi" tutorial documentation.
  • Fixed a bug that caused applications that made ZSS service requests to fail with an HTTP 401 error because of dropped session cookies.

What's new in the Zowe CLI and Plug-ins

This release of Zowe CLI contains the following new and improved capabilities:

  • Added APIs to allow the definition of workflows
  • Added the option max-concurrent-requests to the zowe zos-files upload dir-to-uss command
  • Added the option overwrite to the zowe zos-workflows create commands
  • Added the option workflow-name to the zowe zos-workflows commands
  • Added the following commands along with their APIs:
    • zowe zos-workflows archive active-workflow
    • zowe zos-workflows create workflow-from-data-set
    • zowe zos-workflows create workflow-from-uss-file
    • zowe zos-workflows delete active-workflow
    • zowe zos-files list uss-files

This release of the Plug-in for IBM DB2 Database contains the following new and improved capabilities:

  • Implemented command line precedence, which lets users issue commands without the need of a DB2 profile.
  • The DB2 plug-in can now be influenced by the ZOWE_OPT_ environment variables.

What's new in API Mediation Layer

  • Made the following user experience improvements:
    • Documented the procedure for changing the log level of individual code components in Troubleshooting API ML.
    • Documented a known issue when the API ML stops accepting connections after z/OS TCP/IP is recycled in the Troubleshooting API ML.