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Version 1.18.x LTS

Getting Started

Learn about Zowe™ architecture, components, and how to quickly get started with Zowe CLI. Read about what's new and changed in the Release Notes. Get answers to your frequently asked questions (FAQs).

User Guide

Find out how to install and configure Zowe. Learn about how to use Zowe components, including Zowe Application Framework, API Mediation Layer, and Zowe CLI.


Learn about onboarding your products. Developers can follow tutorials that teach how to build and extend Zowe components.


Get troubleshooting tips to help you understand and effectively resolve problems with Zowe.


Learn about how you can contribute to this documentation. Read about the Zowe UI and code guidelines to help you contribute to Zowe.


Get a list of reference materials to help you use Zowe, including the Zowe command line reference, API reference, TPSR, and more.

# Downloadable PDF Files

# Zowe documentation

You can download the Version 1.x.x Zowe documentation in PDF format from the links below. The latest version on this website is 1.18.0.

V1.18.0 (opens new window) | V1.17.0 | V1.16.0 | V1.15.0 | V1.14.0 | V1.13.0 | V1.12.0 | V1.11.0 | V1.10.0 | V1.9.0 | V1.8.0 | V1.7.x (opens new window) | V1.6.0 (opens new window) | V1.5.0 (opens new window) | V1.4.0 (opens new window) | V1.3.0 (opens new window) | V1.2.0 (opens new window) | V1.1.0 (opens new window) | V1.0.x (opens new window)

# Zowe CLI command reference guides

View detailed documentation on commands, actions, and options in Zowe CLI. The reference document is based on the @zowe-v1-lts version of the CLI. A PDF document, an interactive online version, and a ZIP file containing the HTML for the online version:

Browse CLI Reference (Online) Download CLI Reference (PDF) Download CLI Reference (ZIP)

# Zowe Client SDK reference guides

Refer to the following Zowe Client SDK reference guides for information about the API endpoints:

Browse Node.js SDK Reference (Online) Download Node SDK Reference (ZIP)

Browse Python SDK Reference (Online) Download Python SDK Reference (ZIP)

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