Troubleshooting Zowe Application Framework

Last Updated: 8/30/2019, 3:45:57 PM

Troubleshooting Zowe Application Framework

The following topics contain information that can help you troubleshoot problems that occur when you install and use the Zowe Application Framework.

When no solution to your problem is available in this section, collect as much of the following information as possible and open an issue in Zowe GitHub with the collected information to help Zowe diagnose the problem.

  • Zowe version and release level
  • z/OS release level
  • Job output and dump (if any)
    • JavaScript console output (Web Developer toolkit accessible by pressing F12)
    • Log output from the Zowe Application Server
  • Error message codes
  • Screen captures (if applicable)
  • Other relevant information (such as the version of Node.js that is running on the Zowe Application Server and the browser and browser version).

Unable to log in to the Zowe Desktop


When you attempt to log in to the Zowe Desktop, you receive the following error message that is displayed beneath the Username and Password fields.

Authentication failed for 1 types:  Types: ["zss"]


For the Zowe Desktop to work, the node server that runs under the ZOWESVR started task must be able to make cross memory calls to the ZWESIS01 load module running under the ZWESIS01 started task. You encounter this authentication failure error if the communication cannot occur.

To solve the problem, follow these steps:

  1. Open the log file /zlux-app-server/log/zssServer-yyyy-mm-dd-hh-ss.log. This file is created each time ZOWESVR is started and only the last five files are kept.

  2. Look for the message that starts with ZIS status.

    When the desktop node server is able to communicate correctly, the line is followed by - Ok, so the log entry reads as follows:

    ZIS status - Ok (name='ZWESIS_STD      ', cmsRC=0, description='Ok'

    If the line shows Failure such as:

    ZIS status - Failure (name='ZWESIS_STD      ', cmsRC=39, description='Cross-memory call ABENDed'

    then, the setup and configuration of the cross memory server did not complete successfully. You must follow the steps as described in Manually installing the Zowe Cross Memory Server to set up the cross memory server.

    • Check that the ZWESIS01 started task is running and look into the log for any problems such as unable to find the load module.

    If the line shows Permission Denied such as:

    ZIS status - Failure (name='ZWESIS_STD      ', cmsRC=33, description='Permission denied'
    • Check that the user ID of the ZOWESVR started task is authorized to access the load module. There is a security check in place to ensure that only authorized code is able to call ZWESIS01 as it is an APF-authorized load module. The setup for each security manager is different and documented in the section "Security requirements for the cross memory server" in at Manually installing the Zowe Cross Memory Server.

    Note If you are using RACF security manager a common reason for seeing Permission Denied is that the user running the started task ZOWESVR (typically IZUSVR) does not have READ access to the FACILITY class ZWES.IS.

    If directly after the ZIS status - Failure maessage you see the line

    read failed ret code 1121 reason 0x76650446