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Version: v1.27.x LTS

Version 1.26.0 (December 2021)

Version 1.26.0 (December 2021)

Welcome to the Version 1.26.0 release of Zowe!

To see a full list of release enhancements and fixes, see New features and enhancements and Bug fixes.

Release demo: Watch the Zowe v1.26.0 System Demo to see a demo of what's new in this release.

Download v1.26.0 build: Want to try new features as soon as possible? You can download the v1.26.0 build from

New features and enhancements#

Zowe installation and packaging#

  • Updated ZWEWRF03 workflow to be in sync with the installed software.

Zowe API Mediation Layer#

  • Enable hystrix metrics stream for core APIML services (#1899) (0734f4d8), closes #1858

Zowe Application Framework#

JES Explorer#

  • Added the feature to download all files of a job in a zip format.

zLUX Editor#

  • Added the feature to update the dataset in the editor.
  • Added the check for e-tag while updating the dataset.
  • Added feature to open a file in new browser tab.
  • Added the ability to view the dataset write conflicts in the diff-viewer.
  • Added the ability to overwrite the dataset and accept incoming change inside the diff-viewer.

ZSS Package#

  • Added support for continuations in the ZIS PARMLIB member.

Zowe CLI#

The following enhancements were added to the core CLI:

zowe --available-commands --response-format-json

The following enhancement was added to the Imperative CLI Framework:

  • Added the response-format-json option to the following command:
zowe --available-commands --response-format-json

Zowe Explorer#

  • Added a progress bar for simultaneous deletion of multiple jobs #1583
  • Added the note about the deprecation of the associate profile feature to the Associate Profile section of Zowe Docs and to the Zowe Explorer Readme #1575
  • Changed the DataSet uploaded successfully message type. Now messages are shown in the status bar instead of the notification pop-up #1542
  • Updated dependencies for improved security #1591 and #1601
  • Updated Theia tests to use the latest Theia version #1566

Bug fixes#

Zowe API Mediation Layer#

  • The correct key from the keystore by alias is now chosen, rather than the first key certificate pair returned from the keyring (#1939) (6ea7a62), closes #1939
  • The Metrics service connection is now released when the stream is changed, thereby stopping leaky connections that fill connection pools and memory (#1931) (5dcf55e), closes #1931
  • Removes duplicated hystrix streams in Metrics Service dashboard (#1924) (4dfd4e1), closes #1924
  • Fixes transformation of swagger server URLs in API Catalog to be the location of the current browser location (#1934) (1b8844c), closes #1934
  • Adds proper icons to Metrics Service (#1912) (517105f), closes #1912
  • Disables hystrix timeout (#1906) (7fb1301), closes #1906
  • Fixes the GW start script (#1898) (a4363ad), closes #1898
  • Removes hardcoded values from the Metrics Service UI, thereby facilitating PoC work (#1902) (bd6f8d2), closes #1902
  • The Metrics Service now verifies certificates enabling the service to register to the Discovery Service properly (#1868) (8fcf46c), closes #1868
  • The API Catalog now uses the URL from the browser window to access swagger, thereby preventing failure when using a kubernetes environment (#1841) (37cbfbc), closes #1841
  • Displays the correct error message when the wrong jwtConfigurationMode is used (#1830) (990426d), closes #1830
  • Handles the JWT token expiration correctly (#1836) (90a887d), closes #1836
  • SSE no longer adds a trailing slash to an endpoint provided after the Gateway route (#1839) (5f7ba56), closes #1839

Zowe Application Framework#

zLUX App Manager#

  • Fixed the bug with app tray not scaling well with some localizations.

USS Explorer#

  • Fixed the bug where opening a file fails when USS path has '/' at the end.

Zowe CLI#

The following bugs were fixed in core Zowe CLI:

  • Fixed an issue where plug-in installation and uninstallation did not work with NPM version 8. #683

The following bugs were fixed in the Imperative CLI Framework:

  • Fixed an issue where plugin installation and uninstallation did not work with NPM version 8. #683

Zowe Explorer#

  • Fixed the issue that caused JCL errors in the JOBS tree to be displayed as undefined:undefined(undefined) #1584
  • Fixed the Theia input box issue that caused entered values to be incorrectly validated #1580
  • Fixed the issue that caused the removal of unsaved credentials of a profile in the Jobs tree after deleting a job. Now when you delete a job from the Jobs tree with a profile that does not have the stored credentials, the profile keeps the cached credentials #1524