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Version: v1.28.x LTS

Version 1.27.2 (February 2022)

Version 1.27.2 (February 2022)

Welcome to the Version 1.27.2 release of Zowe!

Download v1.27.2 build: Want to try v1.27.2 as soon as possible? You can download the v1.27.2 build from

Bug fixes

Zowe CLI

The following bugs were fixed in core Zowe CLI:

  • BugFix: Updated log4js and nanoid for improved security.

Imperative CLI Framework

The following bugs were fixed in the Imperative CLI Framework:

  • BugFix: Fixed web help wrongly escaping characters inside code blocks. (#730)
  • BugFix: Fixed an error where, in certain situations, the web help displays data for another command with the same name. (#728)

Secure Credential Store Plug-in for Zowe CLI

  • BugFix: Updated Keytar for improved security.

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