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Version: v1.28.x LTS

Version 1.28.2 (November 2022)

Version 1.28.2 (November 2022)

Welcome to the Version 1.28.2 release of Zowe!

Download v1.28.2 build: Want to try new features as soon as possible? You can download the v1.28.2 build from

Bug fixes#

Zowe installation and packaging#

  • Use of DVIPA may cause Zowe to believe that a port is not free when it is. Starting in this release, Zowe can narrow its port validation to a specific IP via $ZWE_NETWORK_VIPA_IP=some.ip or bypass the verification via $ZWE_NETWORK_VALIDATE_PORT_FREE=false. Setting this to false will still cause the servers to be unable to connect if the port is not free, but this can be a more accurate and portable setting.

API Mediation Layer#

  • Use the APIML_SECURITY_X509_ENABLED flag to properly disable client certificate authentication for SSO. (#2645) (5f32c09)
  • Enable Strict Transport Security HTTP on the Gateway service as the default. (#2575) (decf6fe)

Zowe CLI#

Zowe CLI and related components contain the following bug fixes:

Zowe CLI (Core)#

  • Updated minimatch dependency for technical currency.
  • Updated Imperative to absorb bug fixes introduced in previous versions 4.18.9, 4.18.10, and 4.18.11

Imperative CLI Framework#

  • Updated plug-ins --login command option to behave as expected when running in an NPM 9 environment
  • Cleaned up uses of execSync in Imperative where it makes sense to do so.
  • Fixed dot-separated words that are incorrectly rendered as links in the web help. #869

Db2 Plug-in for Zowe CLI#

  • Updated the version of minimatch