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Version: v2.10.x LTS

Version 2.2.0 (July 2022)

Version 2.2.0 (July 2022)

Welcome to the Zowe Version 2.2.0 release!

See New features and enhancements for a full list of changes to the functionality. See Bug fixes for a list of issues addressed in this release.

Download v2.2.0 build: Want to try new features as soon as possible? You can download the V2.2.0 build from

New features and enhancements

Zowe Version 2.2.0 contains the enhancements that are described in the following topics.

Zowe installation and packaging

  • A new command configmgr is now present in /bin/utils. It can load, validate, and report on the Zowe configuration file.

Zowe Application Framework

  • Added a script which assists in managing external dependencies needed for project compilation
  • Added a new build target, configmgr, which builds a tool that can be called to either load, validate, and print the zowe configuration, or load, validate, and run a JS script that is given the configuration.
  • Added an automated build for configmgr which is consumed by the Zowe packaging

Zowe API Mediation Layer

  • Revoke a Personal Access Token by admin (#2476) (e4d42a9), closes #2476
  • Caching Service can store invalidated token rules (#2460) (055aac9), closes #2460
  • Exchange client certificate for SAF IDT (#2455) (303087c), closes #2455 #2384
  • Fix SAF IDT scheme and service (#2224) (7772401), closes #2224
  • Generate Personal Access Token (#2452) (0e39aa7), closes #2452
  • Limit the scope of a Personal Access Token (#2456) (cc0aba4), closes #2456
  • Revoke a Personal Access Token (#2422) (c7f79d5), closes #2422
  • Validate ServiceId with Endpoint (#2413) (9f3825f), closes #2413

Zowe CLI

Zowe CLI (Core)

  • Added the zowe files download data-sets-matching command to download multiple data sets at once. (#1287)

    Note: If you used this command previously in the extended files plug-in for Zowe v1, the --fail-fast option now defaults to true which is different from the original behavior.

  • Added the zowe zos-files compare data-set command to compare two datasets and display the differences on the terminal. (#1442)

Zowe Explorer

  • Pull from Mainframe option added for JES spool files. #1837
  • Updated Licenses. #1841

Bug fixes

Zowe Version 2.2.0 contains the bug fixes that are described in the following topics.

Zowe API Mediation Layer

  • Immediately expire a passticket command to generate a passticket for each call (#2496) (8adca78), closes #2496
  • Optimize image builds (#2445) (e220cbd), closes #2445
  • Extend Tomcat to be able to recover after TCP/IP stack is restarted, so that the service does not require restart. (#2421) (a851b8f), closes #2421

Zowe CLI

Zowe CLI and related components contain the following bug fixes.

Zowe CLI (Core)

  • Updated Imperative to address ProfileInfo related issues.
  • Fixed the Zowe Daemon binary exiting with an error if the daemon server does not start within 3 seconds.
  • Alter the zowe daemon disable command to only kill the daemon running for the current user.

Zowe CLI Imperative Framework

  • Expose the isSecured functionality from the ProfilesCredentials. (#549)
  • Allow the ConfigAutoStore to store plain-text properties that are defined as secure in the schema (for example, user, password). (zowe/vscode-extension-for-zowe: #1804)
  • Added ANSI escape codes trimming for the Web Help. (#704)
  • Fixed AbstractRestClient not converting LF line endings to CRLF for every line when downloading large files on Windows. (zowe/zowe-cli/#1458)
  • Fixed zowe --version --rfj including a trailing newline in the version field. (#842)
  • Fixed --response-format-json option not supported by some commands in daemon mode. (#843)
  • Removed some extraneous dependencies. (#477)

z/OS FTP Plug-in for Zowe CLI

  • Pick up zos-node-accessor v1.0.11 to fix listing single USS file or symbol link and update PDS dataset allocation.
  • Refine help of partitioned dataset allocation.

Zowe Explorer

  • Updated imports to use the imperative instance provided by the CLI package. #1842
  • Fixed unwanted requests made by tree node when closing folder. #754
  • Fix for credentials not being updated after the invalid credentials error is displayed. #1799
  • Fixed hyperlink for Job submitted when profile is not already in JOBS view. #1751
  • Fixed key bindings for Refresh Zowe Explorer to not override default VSC key binding. See for new key bindings. #1826
  • Fixed Update Profile issue for missing nonsecure credentials. #1804
  • Fixed errors when operation cancelled during credential prompt. #1827
  • Login and Logout operations no longer require a restart of Zowe Explorer or VSC. #1750
  • Fix for Login token always being stored in plain text. #1840
  • Fixed Theia tests. #1665