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Version: v2.11.x LTS

Troubleshooting Zowe CLI

Troubleshooting Zowe CLI

When there is a problem

If Zowe™ CLI is experiencing a problem, there are steps you can take to find a potential solution.

Applicable environments

These instructions apply to Zowe CLI installed on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems as a standalone installation via a Zowe download or an NPM registry.

Reaching out for support

  1. Is there already a GitHub issue (open or closed) that covers the problem? Check CLI Issues.

  2. Review the current list of Known Zowe CLI issues in documentation. Also try searching using the Zowe Docs Search bar.

Resolving the problem

Collect the following information to help diagnose the issue:

  • Zowe CLI version installed.
  • List of plug-ins installed and their version numbers.
  • Node.js and NPM versions installed.
  • List of environment variables in use.

For instructions on using commands to collect this information, see Gathering information to troubleshoot Zowe CLI or Using individual commands for troubleshooting.

The following information is also useful to collect:

  • If you are experiencing HTTP errors, see z/OSMF troubleshooting for information to collect.
  • Is the CLI part of another Node application, such as VSCode, or is it a general installation?
  • Which queue managers are you trying to administer, and on what systems are they located?
  • Are the relevant API endpoints online and valid?