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Version: v2.12.x LTS

ZWE Server Command Reference

ZWE Server Command Reference

zwe is the management utility for Zowe server components.

It is a Unix command that is installed via a download of the Zowe server components.

When installed, you can find it within the zowe runtime directory's "bin" subdirectory.

This command can be accessed directly from that location, or you can save that location to your Unix PATH environment variable so that it's accessible at all times just by typing zwe.

zwe has several useful features, and more are added often.

Using the zwe command

With the zwe command you can:

  • Install/initialize a Zowe instance
  • Install/upgrade Zowe extensions
  • Validate the configuration against a schema
  • Diagnose a message
  • Collect support information

Accessing zwe help

Every zwe subcommand, and the zwe command itself, has built-in help that is accessible by adding --help to the command.

To access the help content:

zwe --help

The built-in help goes over the following topics:

  • What the current command does
  • What subcommands exist
  • What parameters exist
  • Example uses of the current command

This zwe command reference includes the same content as the built-in help. In the sections that follow, you can find all zwe help information.