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Version: v2.12.x LTS

Zowe Explorer FTP Extension

Zowe Explorer FTP Extension

Zowe Explorer FTP extension adds the FTP protocol to the Zowe Explorer VS Code extension, allowing you to use z/OS FTP profiles to connect and interact with z/OS USS.


  1. Install the VS Code extension from the Microsoft or Open VSX marketplace.

    Note: The installation includes Zowe Explorer if it is not already installed as it is a required dependency.

  2. Close and reopen VS Code to check that the notification message "Zowe Explorer was modified for FTP support" displays.

    Once installed, the notification displays every time you open VS Code to confirm that the FTP extension is available.


  1. Click the Extension icon on the Activity Bar in VS Code to display a list of installed extensions.

  2. Click on Zowe Explorer Extension for FTP to open a tab in the Editor area.

  3. Click the Uninstall icon at the top of the tab. Select the Reload Required button at the top of the tab to complete the uninstall.