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Version: v2.13.x LTS

Addressing network requirements

Addressing network requirements

Review the following table during installation of Zowe server-side components to determine which TCP ports are required. Values presented in the table are default values. You can change the values by updating variable values in the zowe.yaml file.

Required roles: network administrator, system programmer

For more information about variable names in the following table, see the Zowe YAML configuration file reference in the References section.

Port numberzowe.yaml variable namePurpose
7552zowe.components.api-catalog.portUsed to view API swagger / openAPI specifications for registered API services in the API Catalog.
7553zowe.components.discovery.portDiscovery server port which dynamic API services can issue APIs to register or unregister themselves.
7554zowe.components.gateway.portThe northbound edge of the API Gateway used to accept client requests before routing them to registered API services. This port must be exposed outside the z/OS network so clients (web browsers, VS Code, processes running the Zowe CLI) can reach the gateway.
7555zowe.components.caching-service.portPort of the caching service that is used to share state between different Zowe instances in a high availability topology. Zowe Desktop (also known as ZLUX) port used to log in through web browsers.
7557zowe.components.zss.portZ Secure Services (ZSS) provides REST API services to ZLUX, used by the File Editor application and other ZLUX applications in the Zowe Desktop. of the service that provides REST APIs to z/OS jobs used by the JES Explorer.
7559zowe.components.files-api.portPort of the service that provides REST APIs to MVS and USS file systems.
N/Azowe.components.explorer-jesPort of the JES Explorer GUI for viewing and working with jobs in the Zowe Desktop.
N/Azowe.components.explorer-mvsPort of the MVS Explorer GUI for working with data sets in the Zowe Desktop.
N/Azowe.components.explorer-ussPort of the USS Explorer GUI for working with USS in the Zowe Desktop.