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Version: v2.13.x LTS

Configuring Microsoft Teams

Configuring Microsoft Teams

If you use Microsoft Teams as your chat platform, you need to create a bot app and a bot for Microsoft Teams and configure the messaging endpoint. Take the following steps to configure your Microsoft Teams for Zowe Chat.

  1. Creating Microsoft Teams bot app

    Microsoft Teams provides Microsoft Developer Portal to create bot app in the current version. App Studio has been deprecated according to the announcement made by Microsoft Teams.

  2. Creating a bot for Microsoft Teams bot app

    Microsoft provides two ways to create a bot, either using Microsoft Bot Framework or Microsoft Azure. You can choose either one of them according to your own environment and requirements.

  3. Configuring messaging endpoint for Microsoft Teams

    You need to expose your Zowe Chat via a public HTTPS endpoint so that Microsoft Teams can push messages to it. The steps differ depending on the way you create your bot.