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Version: v2.14.x LTS

zwe certificate keyring-jcl clean

zwe certificate keyring-jcl clean

zwe > certificate > keyring-jcl > clean

zwe certificate keyring-jcl clean [parameter [parameter]...]


Remove Zowe keyring.

Inherited from parent command

WARNING: This command is for experimental purposes and could be changed in the future releases.


zwe certificate keyring-jcl clean --dataset-prefix my-dataset-prefix --jcllib my-jcllib --security-dry-run --keyring-owner my-keyring-owner --keyring-name my-keyring-name -a certificate-alias -ca ca-alias


Full nameAliasTypeRequiredHelp message
--dataset-prefix,--ds-prefixstringyesDataset prefix where Zowe is installed.
--jcllibstringyesJCLLIB data set name where the JCL will be placed.
--security-dry-runbooleannoWhether to dry run security related setup.
--security-productstringnoSecurity product. Can be a value of RACF, ACF2 or TSS.
--keyring-ownerstringyesOwner of the keyring.
--keyring-namestringyesName of the keyring.
--alias-astringyesCertificate alias name.
--ca-alias-castringyesCertificate authority alias name.
--ignore-security-failuresbooleannoWhether to ignore security setup job failures.

Inherited from parent command

Full nameAliasTypeRequiredHelp message
--help-hbooleannoDisplay this help.
--debug,--verbose-vbooleannoEnable verbose mode.
--trace-vvbooleannoEnable trace level debug mode.
--silent-sbooleannoDo not display messages to standard output.
--log-dir,--log-lstringnoWrite logs to this directory.
--config-cstringnoPath to Zowe configuration zowe.yaml file.
--configmgrbooleannoEnable use of configmgr capabilities.


Error codeExit codeError message
ZWEL0176E176Failed to clean up Zowe keyring "%s".

Inherited from parent command

Error codeExit codeError message
100If the user pass --help or -h parameter, the zwe command always exits with 100 code.
ZWEL0101E101ZWE_zowe_runtimeDirectory is not defined.
ZWEL0102E102Invalid parameter %s.
ZWEL0103E103Invalid type of parameter %s.
ZWEL0104E104Invalid command %s.
ZWEL0105E105The Zowe YAML config file is associated to Zowe runtime "%s", which is not same as where zwe command is located.
ZWEL0106E106%s parameter is required.
ZWEL0107E107No handler defined for command %s.
ZWEL0108E108Zowe YAML config file is required.
ZWEL0109E109The Zowe YAML config file specified does not exist.
ZWEL0110E110Doesn't have write permission on %s directory.
ZWEL0111E111Command aborts with error.
ZWEL0112E112Zowe runtime environment must be prepared first with "zwe internal start prepare" command.
ZWEL0114E114Reached max retries on allocating random number.
ZWEL0120E120This command must run on a z/OS system.
ZWEL0121E121Cannot find node. Please define NODE_HOME environment variable.
ZWEL0122E122Cannot find java. Please define JAVA_HOME environment variable.
ZWEL0123E123This function is only available in Zowe Containerization deployment.
ZWEL0131E131Cannot find key %s defined in file %s.
ZWEL0132E132No manifest file found in component %s.
ZWEL0133E133Data set %s already exists.
ZWEL0134E134Failed to find SMS status of data set %s.
ZWEL0135E135Failed to find volume of data set %s.
ZWEL0136E136Failed to APF authorize data set %s.
ZWEL0137E137z/OSMF root certificate authority is not provided (or cannot be detected) with trusting z/OSMF option enabled.
ZWEL0138E138Failed to update key %s of file %s.
ZWEL0139E139Failed to create directory %s.
ZWEL0140E140Failed to translate Zowe configuration (%s).
ZWEL0142E142Failed to refresh APIML static registrations.
ZWEL0172EComponent %s has %s defined but the file is missing.
ZWEL0200EFailed to copy USS file %s to MVS data set %s.
ZWEL0201EFile %s does not exist.
ZWEL0202EUnable to find samplib key for %s.
ZWEL0203EEnv value in key-value pair %s has not been defined.
ZWEL0316ECommand requires zowe.useConfigmgr=true to use.