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Version: v2.14.x LTS

Using Infinispan as a storage solution through the Caching service

Using Infinispan as a storage solution through the Caching service

As an API developer, you can configure Infinispan as a storage solution through the Caching service. This article describes how to configure your storage solution for Infinispan. You can configure Infinispan for high availability as well as to replicate data to provide data durability and availability.

Understanding Infinispan

Infinispan is a storage solution that stores data structures in key-value pairs. The API Caching service uses hash sets, where each service storing data via the Caching service has its own hash, and each data entry is a key-value entry within that service's Infinispan hash set.

For more information on Infinispan, see the official Infinispan documentation.

Infinispan replica instances

Infinispan can be used with both a standalone instance and high availability mode. When using multiple Caching Service instances, it is necessary to specify all of the cluster nodes (members). Each Infinispan node is bound to a specific Caching Service instance and runs on a different port and host, which can be configured. For more information about configuring multiple Infinispan modes, see the Infinispan configuration.

For more information on Infinispan replication and how to configure a replica instance, see the Infinispan Cross-site Replication documentation.

Infinispan configuration

Configure Infinispan as a storage solution through the Caching service by setting the following configuration parameters in the zowe.yaml.


    This property specifies the list of cluster nodes (members). In case of multiple instances, the value for each Caching Service instance can be either a list of all the members, separated by a comma, or just the replica. The format is ${haInstance.hostname}[${}].


    The path where the Soft-Index store keeps its data files for the Infinispan Soft-Index Cache Store. The default value is data. If you run the Caching Service in HA and the instances use the same filesystem,

    you have to specify a different value of the CACHING_STORAGE_INFINISPAN_PERSISTENCE_DATALOCATION property for each instance. For more information, see the Soft-Index File Store.


    The port number used by Infinispan to synchronise data among cahing-service instances.

    Example of Caching service configuration using Infinispan:

    mode: infinispan
    initialHosts: lpar123[7099]
    port: 7098
    dataLocation: data01