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Version: v2.14.x LTS

Addressing browser requirements

Addressing browser requirements

Review the following browser requirements to avoid browser-specific issues when running particular server-side components.

Required role: system programmer

Zowe Desktop requirements (client PC)

The Zowe Desktop is powered by the Application Framework which has server prereqs depending on where it is installed

The Zowe Desktop runs inside of a browser. No browser extensions or plugins are required. The Zowe Desktop supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge releases that are at most 1 year old, except when the newest release is older. For Firefox, both the regular and Extended Support Release (ESR) versions are supported under this rule.

If you do not see your browser listed here, please contact the Zowe community so that it can be validated and included.

Browser limitations in API Catalog

It is recommended to use Google Chrome when accessing the API Catalog of API Mediation Layer. Errors might occur if you access API Catalog with Firefox.