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Version: v2.14.x LTS

Customizing Gateway retry policy

Customizing Gateway retry policy

Use the following procedure to change the Gateway retry policy.

Role: system programmer

All requests are disabled as the default configuration for retry with one exception: the server retries GET requests that finish with status code 503.

  1. Open the zowe.yaml configuration file.
  2. Configure the following properties:
  • components.gateway.ribbon.retryableStatusCodes
    This property provides a list of status codes, for which the server should retry the request.

Example: components.gateway.ribbon.retryableStatusCodes: "503, 404"

  • components.gateway.ribbon.OkToRetryOnAllOperations
    Specifies whether to retry all operations for this service. The default value is false. In this case, only GET requests are retried if they return a response code that is listed in ribbon.retryableStatusCodes. Setting this parameter to true enables retry requests for all methods which return a response code listed in ribbon.retryableStatusCodes.

Enabling retry can impact server resources due to request body buffering.

  • components.gateway.ribbon.MaxAutoRetries
    Specifies the number of times a failed request is retried on the same server. This number is multiplied with ribbon.MaxAutoRetriesNextServer. The default value is 0.

  • components.gateway.ribbon.MaxAutoRetriesNextServer
    Specifies the number of additional servers that attempt to make the request. This number excludes the first server. The default value is 5.

  1. Restart Zowe.