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Version: v2.14.x LTS

IDF Plug-in for Zowe CLI

IDF Plug-in for Zowe CLI

The IDF Plug-in for Zowe CLI lets you extend Zowe CLI to make it easier to map mainframe users with an identity provided by an external identity provider.

The plug-in is designed to work with the ESMs: IBM RACF, ACF/2, and Top Secret.

Use case

For a system administrator for the Zowe API Mediation Layer, the IDF Plug-in for Zowe CLI can help facilitate the mapping of an external identity from a distributed identity provider to mainframe users administered by the system ESM.


The plug-in provides the map command. For details about the map command, see Using.

Note: The plug-in help command includes specific parameters of Zowe-profiles which are not used.

Software requirements

Before you install the plug-in, ensure that you meet the software requirements in Software requirements for Zowe CLI plug-ins.


Use one of the following methods to install or update the plug-in:

Use the following Plug-in ID with either of these installation methods:

IDF Plugin for Zowe CLI@zowe/id-federation-for-zowe-cli


Currently, the plug-in does not interface with the mainframe system, so no Zowe CLI profile configuration is required.

For the most up-to-date details of required parameters, use the help command:

zowe idf map --help.

Use the following command to enable Zowe to generate a JCL. A security administrator can then submit this JCL to create a mapping.

zowe idf map <csv-file> --esm <esm> --registry <registry> --system <system>

  • csv-file
    The path to the input CSV-formatted file, see below for the details of the format.

  • esm
    The identifier of the target external security manager, one of ACF2, RACF, or TSS.

  • registry
    The registry to identify the distributed identity provider, for example LDAP ldap://

  • system
    This is an optional parameter, system identifier for JCL purposes. Ensure that this value matches the system name defined in JES.

CSV Format

For proper functionality of the plug-in, ensure that the CSV input file has the following format without a header:

name, dist_id, mf_id
  • name
    The descriptive name of the user.

  • dist_id
    The distributed identity of the user.

  • mf_id
    The mainframe id of the user.


The map command generates an output file with a valid JCL. The output file name has the following pattern:


    This parameter is omitted if it is not provided.