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Version: v2.14.x LTS

Displaying help

Displaying help

Zowe CLI has a command-line help system that details the commands, actions, and options available in the product.

Top-level help

To view top-level help, open a command-line and issue the following command:

zowe --help

Issuing the help command

Alternatively, issue the following command to display a full list of all available commands:

zowe --ac

Tip: All Zowe CLI commands begin with zowe.

Group, action, and object help

Append the global --help option to learn about a specific command group, action, or object.

For example, issue the following command to learn about the create action in the zos-files group:

zowe zos-files create --help

Launch local web help

Launch an interactive form of help in a web browser. When you issue the following command, web help is custom-generated to include commands for all of your currently installed plug-ins:

zowe --help-web

PS C:\Users\myName> zowe --help-web
Generating web help...............done!
Launching web help in browser...
PS C:\Users\myName>

Tip: Append --help-web to a specific command or action to launch directly into the appropriate web help page.

Viewing web help

We provide you with several methods to view Zowe CLI web help. You can browse Zowe CLI web help online, download the web help in a ZIP file that contains the HTML, or download the web help in a PDF file.