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Version: v2.14.x LTS

Using Zowe Explorer CICS Extension

Using Zowe Explorer CICS Extension

The CICS Extension for Zowe Explorer adds additional functionality to the popular Visual Studio Code extension, Zowe Explorer. This extension allows you to interact with CICS regions and programs, and run commands against them.

System requirements

Client side requirements

Server side requirements

The following services must be installed, configured, and running on the mainframe:


  • z/OSMF (optional but recommended)


  • Load profiles directly from a locally installed Zowe instance.
  • Create new Zowe CICS profiles and connect to them.
  • Update session details, and delete profiles by using the user-friendly interface.
  • Work with multiple regions that contain programs, local transactions, and local files within a plex in a comprehensible tree-like format.
  • Perform actions such as Enable, Disable, New Copy, and Phase In directly from the UI.
  • Perform additional actions on local files including Open and Close directly from the UI.
  • View and search attributes of resources and regions by right-clicking and using the dynamic filtering feature.
  • Apply multiple filters to regions, programs, local transactions, and local files.
  • View and interact with all resources under a plex.