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Version: v2.15.x LTS


This is a list of core loggers (and descriptions of each) that you can enable and increase verbosity on within the logging framework. See the logging utility for more info.

Loggers for Zowe Application Server Core

The log prefix for the Zowe Application Server is _zsf, which is used by the server framework. (Applications and plug-ins that are attached to the server do not use the _zsf prefix.) The following are the logger names that you can specify:

  • _zsf.bootstrap: Logging that pertains to the startup of the server.
  • _zsf.auth: Logging for network calls that must be checked for authentication and authorization purposes.
  • _zsf.static: Logging of the serving of static files (such as images) from an application's /web folder.
  • _zsf.child: Logging of child processes, if any.
  • _zsf.utils: Logging for miscellaneous utilities that the server relies upon.
  • _zsf.proxy: Logging for proxies that are set up in the server.
  • _zsf.install: Logging for the installation of plug-ins.
  • _zsf.apiml: Logging for communication with the api mediation layer.
  • _zsf.routing: Logging for dispatching network requests to plug-in dataservices.
  • Logging for the HTTPS server status (connection, ports, IP, and so on)

Zowe App Server Log levels

  • 0: SEVERE
  • 1: WARNING
  • 2 (Default): INFO
  • 3: FINE
  • 4: FINER
  • 5: FINEST

Loggers for ZSS Server Core

The log prefix for ZSS is _zss. The following are the logger names that you can specify:

  • _zss.traceLevel: Controls general server logging verbosity.
  • _zss.fileTrace: Logs file serving behavior (if file serving is enabled).
  • _zss.socketTrace: Logs general TCP Socket behavior.
  • _zss.httpParseTrace: Logs parsing of HTTP messages.
  • _zss.httpDispatchTrace: Logs dispatching of HTTP messages to dataservices.
  • _zss.httpHeadersTrace: logs parsing and setting of HTTP headers.
  • _zss.httpSocketTrace: Logs TCP socket behavior for HTTP.
  • _zss.httpCloseConversationTrace: Logs HTTP behavior for when an HTTP conversation ends.
  • _zss.httpAuthTrace: Logs behavior for session security.