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Version: v2.15.x LTS

Zowe Conformance Program

Zowe Conformance Program


Administered by the Open Mainframe Project, the Zowe™ Conformance Program aims to give users the confidence that when they use a product, app, or distribution that leverages Zowe, they can expect a high level of common functionality, interoperability, and user experience.

Conformance provides Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), System Integrators (SIs), and end users greater confidence that their software will behave as expected. Just like Zowe, the Zowe Conformance Program will continue to evolve and is being developed by committers and contributors in the Zowe community.

As vendors, you are invited to submit conformance testing results for review and approval by the Open Mainframe Project. If your company provides software based on Zowe, you are encouraged to get certified today.

How to participate

To participate in the Zowe Conformance Program, follow the process on the Zowe Conformance Program website. You can also find a list of products that have earned Zowe Conformant status.

To learn the criteria of achieving Zowe conformance for an offering, see Zowe Conformance Criteria.

How to suggest updates to the Zowe conformance program

The Zowe conformance criteria is available as a table in a Markdown file in the Open Mainframe Project's GitHub repo. If you find a mistake with the Zowe conformance documents, or you are a Zowe squad lead and want to make an amendment to the criteria, you can update that Markdown file. The same information is also held in another document Zowe Conformance Test Evaluation Guide that has history going back to Zowe 2019 conformance and allows easy change history comparison.

To submit a proposal to update the conformance criteria, fork the OMP's foundation repository at and make a pull request. Flag the Pull Request to the attention of GitHub user ID @mertic, and also reach out to the Zowe onboarding squad in the #zowe-onboarding Slack channel. If you are not already signed up to Zowe Slack community, you can sign up at first.