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Version: v2.15.x LTS

M1 processor installation

M1 processor installation

The IBM ODBC DB2 driver functions only on MacOS x86_64 architecture.

Use the following steps to configure an M1 (or later architecture) processor to behave as MacOS x86_64 architecture so that it can communicate with the IBM ODBC DB2 driver.

  1. Install Rosetta. Open a terminal window and issue the following command:

    softwareupdate --install-rosetta --agree-to-license
  2. Modify ~/.zshrc to contain the following syntax:

    alias arm="env /usr/bin/arch -arm64 /bin/zsh --login"
    alias intel="env /usr/bin/arch -x86_64 /bin/zsh --login"
  3. Source the new file by issuing the following command:

  4. Switch to the x86_64 architecture by issuing the following command:

  5. Reinstall Zowe CLI.

  6. After you complete these steps, do one of the following:

Important! You must issue the intel command every time that you open a new terminal window to help ensure that Zowe CLI, Secure Credential Storage and the DB2 plug-in function properly on x86_64 architecture. Also, issue the command before you issue Zowe CLI commands.