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Version: v2.15.x LTS

Installing Zowe via z/OSMF from PSWI and SMP/E workflow

Installing Zowe via z/OSMF from PSWI and SMP/E workflow

The following information contains procedures and tips for meeting z/OSMF requirements. For complete information, go to IBM Documentation and read the following documents.

z/OS requirements for z/OSMF configuration

Ensure that the z/OS system meets the following requirements:

RequirementsDescriptionResources in IBM Knowledge Center
AXR (System REXX)z/OS uses AXR (System REXX) component to perform Incident Log tasks. The component enables REXX executable files to run outside of conventional TSO and batch environments.System REXX
Common Event Adapter (CEA) serverThe CEA server, which is a co-requisite of the Common Information Model (CIM) server, enables the ability for z/OSMF to deliver z/OS events to C-language clients.Customizing for CEA
Common Information Model (CIM) serverz/OSMF uses the CIM server to perform capacity-provisioning and workload-management tasks. Start the CIM server before you start z/OSMF (the IZU* started tasks).Reviewing your CIM server setup
CONSOLE and CONSPROF commandsThe CONSOLE and CONSPROF commands must exist in the authorized command table.Customizing the CONSOLE and CONSPROF commands
Java levelIBM® 64-bit SDK for z/OS®, Java Technology Edition V8 or later is required.Software prerequisites for z/OSMF
TSO region sizeTo prevent exceeds maximum region size errors, verify that the TSO maximum region size is a minimum of 65536 KB for the z/OS system.N/A
User IDsUser IDs require a TSO segment (access) and an OMVS segment. During workflow processing and REST API requests, z/OSMF might start one or more TSO address spaces under the following job names: userid; substr(userid, 1, 6) CN (Console).N/A