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Version: v2.3.x LTS

Displaying help

Displaying help

Zowe CLI has a command-line help system that details the commands, actions, and options available in the product.

Top-level help#

To view top-level help, open a command-line and issue the following command:

zowe --help

Issuing the help command

Alternatively, issue the following command to display a full list of all available commands:

zowe --ac

Tip: All Zowe CLI commands begin with zowe.

Group, action, and object help#

Append the global --help option to learn about a specific command group, action, or object.

For example, issue the following command to learn about the create action in the zos-files group:

zowe zos-files create --help

Launch local web help#

Launch an interactive form of help in a web browser. When you issue the following command, web help is custom-generated to include commands for all of your currently installed plug-ins:

zowe --help-web
PS C:\Users\myName> zowe --help-webGenerating web help...............done!Launching web help in browser...PS C:\Users\myName>

Tip: Append --help-web to a specific command or action to launch directly into the appropriate web help page.

Viewing web help#

We provide you with several methods to view Zowe CLI web help. You can browse Zowe CLI web help online, download the web help in a ZIP file that contains the HTML, or download the web help in a PDF file.