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Version: v2.3.x LTS

Installing and uninstalling

Installing and uninstalling

You can install or update the extension from Visual Studio Code Extensions or from a VSIX file.

Installing from Visual Studio Code Extensions#

  1. Navigate to Extensions tab of your VS Code application.

  2. Search for Zowe Explorer for IBM CICS and click it.

  3. Click Install at the top of the page.

    If Zowe Explorer is not installed, this automatically installs it for you as part of the installation.

Installing from a VSIX file#

Before you install Zowe Explorer CICS Extension from a VSIX file, ensure that Zowe Explorer is installed. Zowe Explorer is a required dependency. For more information, see Installing Zowe Explorer.

If Zowe Explorer is installed, you can install Zowe Explorer CICS Extension from a VSIX file.

  1. Visit the download site. Select the Latest button, which directs to a page that includes the latest version of .vsix file. Download it to your PC.

    Download Zowe CICS Explorer

  2. Open the Extensions icon in the side bar, navigate to the ... menu, press Install from VSIX ... and select the downloaded Zowe.cics-extension-for-zowe-2.x.x.vsix file.

    Installing Zowe CICS Explorer

The following message indicates that the extension is installed successfully.

Zowe CICS Explorer install completed

The Zowe Explorer pane shows tree views for Data Sets, Unit System Services (USS) and Jobs, and a new view for CICS.

CICS tree in Zowe pane


To uninstall the Zowe Explorer CICS extension from the VS Code Extensions tab:

  1. Navigate to the Extensions tab of the VS Code application.

  2. Find Zowe Explorer for IBM CICS and click it.

  3. A panel opens. Click Uninstall at the top of the page.

  4. A reload may be required. If a button appears for reload, click it and the extension is no longer installed.