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Version: v2.5.x LTS

General code style guidelines

General code style guidelines

All code written in the languages described in Code categories should adhere to the following guidelines to facilitate collaboration and understanding.

Note: Uncertainties, unimplemented but known future action-items, and odd/specific constants should all be accompanied with a short comment to make others aware of the reasoning that went into the code.


Do not use tabs for whitespace. Use 2 spaces per tab instead.

Naming Conventions

Self-documenting code reduces the need for extended code comments. It is encouraged to use names as long as necessary to describe what is occurring.

Functions and methods

Methods should be named as verbs (for example, get or set), while Objects/Classes should be nouns.

Objects and functions should be CamelCase. Methods on Objects should be dromedaryCase.


Constants should be CAPITALIZED_AND_UNDERSCORED for clarity, while variables can remain dromedaryCase.

Avoid non-descriptive variable names such as single letters (except for iteration in loops such as i or j) and variable names that have been arbitrarily shortened (Don't strip vowels; long variable names are OK).