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Version: v2.5.x LTS

Creating the bot account

Creating the bot account

Create a bot account in Mattermost.

  1. Log in to Mattermost with your administrator account.

  2. Click Main Menu icon and then click System Console.

    System console

  3. Scroll down to INTEGRATIONS section and click Bot Accounts.

    Integration menu item

  4. Select true for Enable Bot Account Creation, and click Save.

    Bot accounts

  5. Click the Main Menu icon on the System Console, then click Switch to your team.

    System console main menu

  6. Click the Main Menu icon from the main screen of Mattermost, and click Integrations.

    System console - Integrations

    The following dialog opens.

    Integrations dialog

  7. Add a new bot account.

    1. Click Bot Accounts > Add Bot Account.

    2. Specify bnz for Username and System Admin for Role.

    3. Click Create Bot Account. A successful notification dialog displays. On this dialog you can find a Token.


  8. Copy this Token.

    You will need this token for integration steps later. Save it well since you will not be able to retrieve it again.

For more information about Bot accounts, see Mattermost Integration Guide - Bot Accounts.

Next steps

Now you can invite the created bot to your Mattermost team.

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