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Version: v2.5.x LTS

Inviting the created bot to your Mattermost channel

Inviting the created bot to your Mattermost channel

You can create your own private channel in Mattermost, invite your bot user to your channel by adding new members, and talk with it in the channel.

  1. Create a private channel.

    1. Click the + button to create a new private channel.

      Create New Channel

    2. Make sure that you select Private as the channel type.

    3. Specify the Name of the channel, for example, DevOps.

      New Channel Panel

      Note: Remember URL under the name. You may use it later when you want to send incident to the channel.

    4. Click Create New Channel and your new private channel is created.

  2. On the upper-left corner, click the Members icon and you can see the members that are in this channel. Click Manage Members.

    Manage Channel Members

  3. Click Add New Members on the upper-right corner.

    Add Member to Channel

  4. Enter the name of your bot account to add it to this channel, for example, bnz. You can see bnz in the list. Select it and click Add.

    Add zowechat

You add your bot account to your channel successfully.