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Version: v2.6.x LTS

Creating a new Slack App

Creating a new Slack App

To create a bot app for Slack, you need to use the Slack app dashboard to create a new app and specify app details.

  1. Open Slack app dashboard at Slack API.

  2. Click Create App button.

    App created

  3. Choose From scratch.

    From scratch

  4. In the prompted dialog, specify values for the following fields:

    • App Name: input your App name, for example, Zowe Chat.
    • Development Slack Workspace: input any one of your Slack Workspace.

    You can change the App name at any time.


    Your workspace may require apps to be approved by admins. You will need to request approval to install it to the workspace or sign into a different workspace.

  5. Click the Create App button.

Your Slack App is successfully created.