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Version: v2.8.x LTS

Troubleshooting Zowe Chat

Troubleshooting Zowe Chat

As a Zowe Chat user, you might encounter some issues with how Zowe Chat works. This section lists some solutions to help you.

Check the chatServer.log

When you run into some errors, you can check the server log which can be found in $ZOWE_CHAT_HOME/log/chatServer.log.

Note: You need to set rejectUnauthorized to false in chatServer.yaml to access the log.

Raising a Zowe Chat issue on GitHub

When necessary, you can reach out for troubleshooting support via GitHub. You can raise GitHub issues against the Zowe Chat repository. You could either use it for a bug report or feature request.

Contacting support via Slack

You can also reach out for support through the Zowe Chat Slack channel.