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Version: v2.8.x LTS

Formatting environment variables

Formatting environment variables

Transform an option into the proper format for a Zowe CLI environment variable, then define a value to the variable. Transform option names according to the following rules:

  • Prefix environment variables with ZOWE_OPT_.
  • Convert lowercase letters in arguments/options to uppercase letters.
  • Convert hyphens in arguments/options to underscores.

Tip: Refer to your operating system documentation for information about how to set and get environment variables. The procedure varies between Windows, Mac, and various versions of Linux.


The following table provides examples of CLI options and the corresponding environment variable to which you can define a value:

Command OptionEnvironment VariableUse Case
--userZOWE_OPT_USERDefine your mainframe username to an environment variable to avoid specifying it on all commands or profiles.
--reject-unauthorizedZOWE_OPT_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZEDDefine a value of true to the --reject-unauthorized flag when you always require the flag and do not want to specify it on all commands or profiles.