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Version: v2.9.x LTS

Code categories

Code categories

The Zowe™ codebase consists of a few key areas, with both unique and shared guidelines that define how to write new code. A few such areas are:

  • Server Core
  • Server Security
  • Microservices
  • Zowe Desktop Applications
  • Zowe Application Framework
  • Zowe CLI and CLI Plug-ins
  • Imperative CLI Framework

Programming languages

For each area of the codebase, there are established and favored programming languages. Each repository in Github identifies the primary language used. Some of the basic skills needed to contribute to the project include:

  • CLI - Node.js, TypeScript
  • Desktop UI - Node.js, JavaScript
  • APIs - C, Assembler, Java, Spring
  • API Mediation Layer - Java, Spring

Note: JavaScript is not recommended and should be avoided in favor of Typescript to utilize typing.

Component-specific guidelines and tutorials

This "Code Guidelines" section provides high-level best practices. Each component may have more specific contribution guidelines. Look for a file in the component's GitHub repository for specific details.

To learn more about how to develop Zowe applications and plug-ins or extending Zowe with APIs, see Extending.