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Version: v2.9.x LTS

JWT token refresh endpoint

JWT token refresh endpoint

The API Gateway allows for the generation of a new token for a user based on a valid JWT token, made possible through the auth/refresh REST endpoint. The full path of the auth/refresh endpoint appears as https://{gatewayUrl}:{gatewayPort}/gateway/api/v1/auth/refresh. The new token overwrites the old cookie with a Set-Cookie header. As part of the process, the old token is invalidated and is no longer usable.

The refresh request requires the token in one of the following formats:

  • A cookie named apimlAuthenticationToken.
  • Bearer authentication


  • The endpoint is disabled by default. For more information, see Enable JWT token endpoint.

  • The endpoint is protected by a client certificate.

    For more information, see the OpenAPI documentation of the API Mediation Layer in the API Catalog.