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Version: v2.9.x LTS

Interacting with Zowe Chat

Interacting with Zowe Chat

You can interact with Zowe Chat by mouse navigation or issuing commands.

Mouse navigation

Zowe Chat supports users to click buttons, dropdown menu, and other clickable components in chat to query information, drill down content, etc.

Interacting through commands

You can also mention "@" the bot user and issue commands to interact with Zowe Chat. Zowe Chat supports Zowe Chat commands and Zowe CLI commands.

Zowe Chat commands

You can issue Zowe Chat commands in the following format:

<scope> <resource> <action> <object> <Positional Arguments> [Options]

For example,

zos job list status [jobID] --owner | -o <owner> --prefix | -p <prefix>

For detailed Zowe Chat commands, see Zowe Chat command reference.

Zowe CLI commands

You can also issue Zowe CLI commands to perform operations, such as help and z/OS resource management including z/OS job, data set, USS file, error code, and console command. Theorytically, most of Zowe CLI commands are supported as long as it is excutable with single-submit.

  • Zowe CLI must be installed on your Zowe Chat server first before you can issue Zowe CLI commands.
  • Zowe Chat currently does not support the Zowe CLI command-line interactive or "prompt" feature that asks you to provide required option values.

For detailed CLI commands, see Zowe CLI command reference.