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Interface ICredentialManagerInit


  • ICredentialManagerInit



Optional Manager

Manager: IImperativeOverrides["CredentialManager"]

A class that extends AbstractCredentialManager that will be instantiated and used as the actual credential manager. If a string is passed, we will attempt to load the module specified in the string as a class that extends the AbstractCredentialManager. If the class imported doesn't extend the abstract class, we will throw an error.

Defaults to the DefaultCredentialManager (uses keytar)

Optional displayName

displayName: string

The display name of the credential manager in use. Used in messaging/debugging and if the credential manager is managing secure profile fields via the imperative "CliProfileManager", then profiles will display "managed by ${displayName}" for secure fields in the profile yaml files. Defaults to the service name if not provided.

Note: If the credential manager class contains a hard-coded display name, this parameter is ignored in favor of using their explicit name

Optional invalidOnFailure

invalidOnFailure: boolean

If true, will default to using the invalid credential manager (all API calls throw errors) if initialization of the credential manager fails.


service: string

The service name to be used in the security manager. This value is useful for credential managers that require a service ID (such as the default manager which implements Keytar).

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