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Interface IOptionsForAddConnProps

Interface for options supplied to ConnectionPropsForSessCfg.addPropsOrPrompt()




  • IOptionsForAddConnProps



Optional autoStore

autoStore: boolean

Specifies if properties that the user was prompted for should be automatically stored in profiles. Defaults to true when team config exists.

Optional defaultTokenType

defaultTokenType: SessConstants.TOKEN_TYPE_CHOICES

Specifies the default token type if not provided on the command line. Some commands such as "auth login" do not have a "tokenType" command line option, but still need to specify a default token type. The default value is TOKEN_TYPE_JWT.

Optional doPrompting

doPrompting: boolean

Indicates that want to prompt for user name and password when no form of credentials are supplied. CLI programs typically want this to be true. A GUI app calling the API may do its own prompting in the GUI and would set this value to false. The default value is true.

Optional parms

Specifies full command parameter object if running in a CLI environment (versus) as a Node.js SDK



Optional propertyOverrides

propertyOverrides: IOverridePromptConnProps[]

Specifies a list of authentication properties, and what they should override. If one of these properties is available on the session, do not prompt for the other property.

Optional requestToken

requestToken: boolean

Indicates that we want to generate a token. When true, we use the user and password for the operation to obtain a token. This applies during a login command. Otherwise, you typically want this to be false. The default value is false.

Optional serviceDescription

serviceDescription: string

Specifies the description of your service to be used in CLI prompt messages. If undefined, the default value is "your service".

Optional supportedAuthTypes

supportedAuthTypes: AUTH_TYPE_CHOICES[]

Specifies list of authentication types that are supported for your service. Defaults to allow all authentication types.


Optional getValuesBack

  • getValuesBack(properties: string[]): {}
  • Specifies the functionality that external applications will use for prompting. Activate this function to get all the needed properties


    const connectableSessCfg = await ConnectionPropsForSessCfg.addPropsOrPrompt( sessCfg, commandParameters.arguments, {getValuesBack: YourOwnFunction} );


    • properties: string[]

    Returns {}

    • [key: string]: any

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