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This interface defines the options that can be sent into the upload data set function




Optional ascii_files

ascii_files: string

The list of files to be uploaded in ASCII mode

Optional attributes

attributes: ZosFilesAttributes

The ZosFilesAttributes instance describe upload attributes for the files and directories

Optional binary

binary: boolean

The indicator to view the data set or USS file in binary mode Has priority over record for datasets If binary and record are both specified, binary is used

Optional binary_files

binary_files: string

The list of files to be uploaded in binary mode

Optional encoding

encoding: string

Code page encoding

Optional etag

etag: string

Etag value to pass to z/OSMF API request. It is used to check if the file was modified on target system before it is updated.

Optional filesMap

filesMap: IUploadMap

The map of files and their upload mode to be used for binary_files and ascii_files

Optional includeHidden

includeHidden: boolean

Specifies whether hidden files whose names begin with a dot should be uploaded.

Optional localEncoding

localEncoding: string

The local file encoding to pass as a "Content-Type" header

Optional maxConcurrentRequests

maxConcurrentRequests: number

The maximum REST requests to perform at once Increasing this value results in faster uploads but increases resource consumption on z/OS and risks encountering an error caused by making too many requests at once. Default: 1

Optional recall

recall: string

The migrated recall option


"wait, nowait, error"

Optional record

record: boolean

The indicator to view the data set in record mode Should not be specified for USS files If binary and record are both specified, binary is used

Optional recursive

recursive: boolean

The indicator to upload the directories recursively

Optional responseTimeout

responseTimeout: number

The maximum amount of time for the TSO servlet to wait for a response before returning an error

Optional returnEtag

returnEtag: boolean

The indicator to force return of ETag. If set to 'true' it forces the response to include an "ETag" header, regardless of the size of the response data. If it is not present, the the default is to only send an Etag for data sets smaller than a system determined length, which is at least 8MB.

Optional task

Task status object used by CLI handlers to create progress bars Optional

Optional volume

volume: string

The volume on which the data set is stored

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