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The Z/OSMF object returned for every defined system.




  • IDefinedSystem



Optional cpcName

cpcName: string

Name specified for the central processor complex (CPC) at the support element (SE) of that processor complex.

Optional cpcSerial

cpcSerial: string

Serial number of the CPC.

Optional ftpDestinationName

ftpDestinationName: string

Name of the server definition that specifies the settings required to access the FTP or SFTP server that is running on the system.

Optional groupNames

groupNames: string

Comma-separated list of the groups to which the system is assigned.

Optional httpProxyName

httpProxyName: string

Name of the HTTP proxy definition that specifies the settings required to access the system through an HTTP or SOCKS proxy server.

Optional jesMemberName

jesMemberName: string

JES2 multi-access spool (MAS) member name or JES3 complex member name

Optional jesType

jesType: string

Type for the primary job entry subsystem running on the system. The type is either JES2 or JES3.

Optional sysplexName

sysplexName: string

Name of the sysplex where the z/OS system is a member.

Optional systemName

systemName: string

Name specified for the system on the SYSNAME parameter in the IEASYSxx parmlib member.

Optional systemNickName

systemNickName: string

Unique name assigned to the system definition.

Optional url

url: string

URL used to access the z/OSMF instance that resides in the same sysplex as the system identified by the systemName attribute.

Optional zosVR

zosVR: string

Version of z/OS

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