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Version: v1.28.x LTS

Zowe CLI Development Roadmap (Technical Preview)

Zowe CLI Development Roadmap (Technical Preview)

Technical Preview The Zowe CLI @next release is a technical preview. Technical previews are for testing only and are not ready for production. Your feedback is valued and appreciated.

To preview the features of the @next version of Zowe CLI, install the @next release. This version may receive breaking changes and is intended to gather early feedback on what may become a future LTS release.

The @next version features:

  • Global Profile Configuration - Improves the initial setup of the command line interface by making service connection details easier to share and easier to store within projects. For information, see Using Global Profile Configuration.
  • Daemon Mode - Run Zowe CLI as a persistent background process (daemon). For information, see Using Daemon Mode.

For a more comprehensive list of features and enhancements in the @next version, see the Zowe CLI changelog.