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Version: v1.28.x LTS

IBM® z/OS FTP Plug-in for Zowe CLI

IBM® z/OS FTP Plug-in for Zowe CLI

The IBM® z/OS FTP Plug-in for Zowe™ CLI lets you extend Zowe CLI to access z/OS datasets, USS files, and submit JCL. The plug-in uses the z/OS FTP service to achieve the interaction with z/OS.

Use cases

As a z/OS user, you can use the plug-in to perform the following tasks:

  • List, view, rename, and download z/OS datasets or USS files.
  • Upload local files or stdin to z/OS datasets or USS files.
  • List, view, and download job status or job spool files.
  • Delete a z/OS dataset, USS file, or job.


For detailed documentation on commands, actions, and options available in this plug-in, see our Web Help. It is available for download in three formats: a PDF document, an interactive online version, and a ZIP file containing the HTML for the online version.

Software requirements

Before you install the plug-in, meet the software requirements in Software requirements for Zowe CLI plug-ins.


Use one of the following methods to install or update the plug-in:

Creating a user profile

You can create a zftp user profile to avoid typing your connection details on every command. A zftp profile contains the host, port, username, and password for the z/OS instance to which you want to connect. You can create multiple profiles and switch between them as needed.

Issue the following command:

zowe profiles create zftp <profile name> -H <host> -u <user> -p <password> -P <port>

The result of the command displays as a success or failure message. You can use your profile when you issue commands in the zftp command group.

Note: There is an option named --secure-ftp that is set to true by default. If FTPS (FTP over SSL) is not enabled in z/OS FTP service, we recommend using --secure-ftp false. FTPS is not equivalent to SFTP (FTP over SSH).

Note: For more information about the syntax, actions, and options, for a profiles create command, open Zowe CLI and issue the following command:

zowe profiles create zftp -h